Monday, April 09, 2007

#26 Mt. Tecumseh
April 8,2007

Easter Sunday was cold with off an on flurries. Ruby and I headed to Waterville to jump start the 2007 hiking season in the snow. Plenty of it. Lots of skiers on the hills today and from the Tecumseh Mountain Trail I could hear kids yelling and whooping . This trail is much steeper and twice as difficult in snow shoes. I can remember practically running up this mountain one night a few years ago. What a difference a season makes. I saw only 4 people on the trail, coming down, in two seperate groups. Both made the same comment: the top was beautiful, and it was. I did end up losing my camelpack's hose nozzle, but found it on the way down. Ruby was psyched to be on the trails again, but I could tell she was pretty beat on the way home. So was I.