Saturday, July 07, 2007

#28 Wildcat D

On June 30th Ruby and I left Bartlett and parked at the Glen Ellis Falls parking area. Originally the intention was to conquer all the Wildcats, but, I got a late start.This was a chilly and windy day on the mountain , and there were only a handful of people hiking up the steep Wildcat Ridge Trail to the summits. This was seriously, a steep trail-with lots of huffing and major sweat factor. Finally reached the first peak which is an open ledge presumably Wildcat E. The next section went over to the chairlift, then up to the short distance at the look out tower. The look-out deck was closed off, so we turned around. With the steepness of the descent looming ahead, I opted to take the ski trail down to the bottom. This worked out great. I took "Catapult" then "Wild Kitten", it was a long walk down the trails , but it was very lovely with the trails covered in wildflowers and no one in sight. Mt. Washington, just ac cross the way looked stunning! I snapped a picture of Ruby laying in the tall grass with Washington behind her. From the Wildcat lot, it was a long haul back to the car down Rt. 16. Lots of traffic. All in all- a great day, and we managed to find yet another bandanna on the mountain. I'll explain. I suppose that it isn't too difficult to lose a bandanna while hiking- I'm sure it happens all the time. I've come across some nice ones, and we found a very cool hot fuchsia "Hawaiian style" bandanna, crisp and new, blowing down the ski trail. Perfect for the dog, who is continually labeled as a male. "Oh whatta good boy!" They all say. Not anymore, with this hot pink scarf. I have found some great bandannas. My favorite is a navy blue one I found on Moosilauke. Then I found a very strange "1970's style" one on Bond. Someone can have that one back-if they lost it. But I'm keeping the others.