Monday, August 20, 2007

#31 Carter Dome August 19th

These silly AMC croo members don't know a thing.

Here I am trying to figure out a good starting point as an alternative to the 19 Mile Brook Trail. I wanted to try the Wildcat River Trail, but couldn't figure out where to park. The AMC Trail Info girl says to me, "Well, I don't know where you park. I don't know about that trail at all." That's what I get from the AMC lately: just a lot of blank stares.So I gave up on that idea after pursuing the trail head along Carter Notch Rd. The road simply ends and turns into a fire road. But I could not find where to park. Screw this. Ended up taking the 19 Mile Brook Trail to haunted Carter Hut and met lots of people along the way. Guys from Wisconsin, a mother and son from Pennsylvania, lots of hikers and stories. Went up a very steep Carter-Moriah Trail to the summit of Carter Dome. A group of thru hikers passed us in a hurry. This was a tough climb!A total 5.2 miles to the summit- no views from the top, but some awesome views from the ledges. Just stunning to look down through the notch and see the hut and lake hundreds of feet below. A total 10+ mile trip up and back and we were tired. Walked back down the trail with Charlie Diamond from Bath. What a great guy. He needs just 2 more to complete his 48 peaks and he is well into his 70's. And let me say that he hikes FAST. It was hard for us to keep up! Next week we shoot for the Hancocks. Summer is almost over-where did the time go?

Finally reached a mile stone on our 30th peak on beautiful Mt. Passaconoway in Wonalancet. Originally, the plan was to hike the Edmunds Trail in Crawford Notch. But driving north, the weather looked bad. And it was according to later reports.I bailed out at exit 25 and headed east toward the Lakes region. Lots of traffic but at least the skies were not rainy. We climbed Dicey's Mill Trail to the top and met lots of cool dogs and people on the way. Two kids had just completed #42! The summit is a tangle of trees and no view. very cold and windy and the reports from Whiteface were astonishing. Later- met up with family in Twin Mountain once more for beers and dinner. Fun-Fun-Fun!

#29 Mt. Liberty August 10,2007

Not a great day for my car. An over-extended mailbox took out my passenger side mirror on the way to Lincoln . Glass everywhere-big mess. Cranked up Liberty with not much day light to spare. Great views and lots of campers at Liberty Spring tent-site. Meteor showers would be fantastic from this vantage point. All in all a good day. Saw the meteor showers later in Twin Mountain with friends.