Wednesday, May 28, 2008

#32 and 33 The Hancocks-North and South

May 25th-2008

OK, so the winter of dilly dallying around has finally caught up to me. It's been a tough winter with foot problems and surgery and being off the nuisance recovering foot for a few months while things healed. But it's back in business for the summer with hiking, so long as I don't go broke driving back and forth. Memorial day weekend headed for the hills and met "Uncle Randy" and dog Molly along the Hancock Notch Trail. Ruby spooked the daylights out of them at the 3rd brook crossing. Or was it the 33rd brook crossing?We encountered people coming down from the loop trail who advised us to hit South first because of all the snow. That's just what we did , but it was brutal going up. No special gear taken, so this meant post-holing and sliding in the slush and ice to the top of South Peak. I was wet head to toe. We reached South Peak and snacked out on peanuts, cheese and pop-tarts. Randy was motivated onward by visions of McDonalds hamburgers and Dunkin Donuts"extra extra" iced coffee. I was motivated by a red steak and red wine to polish it off.

The day was great with awesome weather. Views from North were amazing and again we stopped at North for more photos and snacks. Molly and Ruby got along well. Got off the trails at 4:30 and took the long drive back to Nash. Was I sore the next day: The Hancocks kicked my ASS!