Friday, September 05, 2008

#38 and #39

Eisenhower and Pierce-August 2008

On Sunday August 17th Leah and I headed up the Edmands Path for Eisenhower. What a fabulous day. Clear skies emerged following a cloudy and overcast morning. By the time we reached Crawford path the gray skies disappeared. We followed the Eisenhower Loop to the summit and ate some lunch with lots of peak baggers from all over. There were many musicians from a traveling folk festival from NY. At the summit cairn, cameras passed hand to hand so everone got a shot with a view in the back drop.

Pierce - August 25th

This trip included Lynn, (3rd 4K) and Leah (4th 4K) and of course Ruby her 39th 4K. Another fabulous day to hike up the historic Crawford Path to Pierce. We ran into so many hikers along the trail-lots of dogs and lots of kids. Wetook the Webster Cliff Trail back to Mizpah Hut and looped back to Mizpah cutoff to crawford again. About a 7 mile hike, with great views along the ledges of Pierce. I have only remembered this mountain in agrim dark fog, so it was nice to see it in the open.

Mt. Washington - June 30th 2008

Monday, June 30th we hit the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail to summit Washington. It was a cold , raw day and Steve's 50th birthday. We had a crew-Dick, Steve, Charlie, Jimmy leading (or following) the younger crew of Curran, Flannery, Riley, Leah , Lynn, Wesley and Austin. Summit temps were 50 degrees and it was so cold I needed mittens.We descended via Jewell Trail and lost Curran, Wesley and Austin who went down the wrong path at the end. Check out the boys feeding the Canada Jays on Jewell. Afterwards, we went back to the Intervale motel and ate pizza. First time on Washington for most of the kids. They sang, played games and shouted and whooped the whole way down. A very memorable day.