Saturday, September 25, 2010

#48 Mt. Cabot 9-18-2010

After four intense years of hiking, Ruby completed the 48 on a warm September day with friends! Joining the entourage: Dan, Meena, Peter, Dave and Neil. Also tagging along, Maggie and Phil, dog companions keeping the pace. What a day. After camping in Whitefield we awoke early and packed up the cars. A 4 car caravan drove through Gorham and Berlin and then through the fish hatchery where we stopped to park. York Pond Trail to Bunnell Notch Trail to Kilkenny Ridge to Mt. Cabot . The fog cleared as we neared the summit, meeting up with others for photo shoots! Meena also finishing her 48 on the same day. Meena prepared a pinic for us and we feasted on New York sausage and spicy cheese , PB&J and neil's favorite-lemonade. This peak marked the end of Ruby's quest to hike New Hampshire's 4,000 footers. The end is bittersweet. But there is a silver lining: Neil still needs 28! Throughout this journey, I have made new friends along the way and for thatI am grateful. Thank you everyone!


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Great day.. ditto to the new friends thing!!!

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