Monday, July 26, 2010

#45 Mount Moriah

We are getting close. So close that I'm beginning to worry. What happens when we're done and there's no more hikes to do? When we finish 48, then what? Our list is over. For now we are happy and in miserable suffering shape at the same time. It all equals out. Me and Leah head out to Gorham Sunday morning to take on Moriah. It is a little hill at barely over 4,000 ft. but it is a haul getting there. We get to the parking lot a little after 12:00 noon with LOTS of traffic in North Conway. We have no food. We hit the trail running and it is a lovely trail, with few rocks and ample side trails to the brook where Ruby bounds into the water many times. We go up and up. We hit the Moriah-Carter junction and take photos. We encounter one thru hiker named CLOUD from Arkansas. It is another 1.4 miles to Moriah's summit, but there is a difficult pass for Ruby. Me and Leah pick her up and carry her up. We are at the summit. Weather is great and cloudy skies turn to sunshine, only the wind blows from the south. No bugs.  Stomachs are growling and there is no food. I  forgot to pack food again. . We share 2 chewy bars and an old plum. It was good. We head  down, hungry. FOOD is the inspiration.I promise Leah we will go to The Moat for dinner only when we get there it's a 45 minute wait. So, screw that. We found an excellent Thai-Indian restaurant on Rt 16 with excellent curry dishes. We ate every grain of rice! An excellent day!


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